Emergency Tree Service

Tree fell on my house! What do I do?

Living in the city of Orlando, we all have our fair share of experience with heavy storms and hurricanes. We know the damage that they can cause to and their potential to cause harm to us and our homes. Your trees are one of the things that can be worst affected by weather like this and when they can be damaged, they start to pose a real threat. And, if heavy weather or anything else ever causes damage to your tree, then you are going to want to make sure that you are having it dealt with right away. Luckily for you, our team is here to help you do just that with our emergency tree services

Emergency Tree Removal 

Countless things could make emergency tree removal necessary. When your tree has started to rot and is threatening to fall or when heavy winds start to tear at the tree, it is always advisable to get the tree removed right away. This can potentially save you from costly damages, as well as generally making your property a safer place for you to be. So, make sure you call as soon as you notice the issue and we’ll be there as quickly as we can to help you out. 

Branch and Limb Removal 

Storms in particular can cause serious damage to the branches and limbs of the tree. Heavy winds can pull the limbs away from the trunk, leaving them precariously hanging on with the potential to come crashing down at any time. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you are going to want to give us a call as soon as you can for emergency removal. We’ll safely bring down any of the affected limbs and make sure that nothing is remaining that could cause you a problem. 

Emergency Cabling and Bracing 

As trees grow and get heavier, it becomes more difficult for them to hold up their weight. That can obviously threaten you and your property, as any heavy winds, hurricanes, and even unforeseen circumstances like impact damage could bring it falling in a blink. That is why you are going to want emergency cabling and bracing to secure it from these things. Both cabling and bracing can add a lot of strength to any tree and that is peace of mind for the future safety of your tree. 

Storm Clear Up 

Following on from any storm or hurricane, we know how much debris gets kicked up. A lot of it ends up in your backyard and sometimes even stuck in your tree. Trying to get rid of it all can be a hassle and sometimes, it may even threaten to cause damage to your property. So, it is always best to give our team a call, so that we can take care of the job for you. We’ll be able to get everything cleared up in no time and make sure that everything is safely cleared away.