Land Clearing

I need my land cleared.

When you are undergoing a landscaping job, home renovations, or any other construction task, you need a viable piece of land for you to use. But when it is covered in rocks, natural material, and even trees, it obviously isn’t going to be of any use. That is why you are going to need land clearing services to help you prepare the terrain for whatever your next purpose is. At Tree Removal Orlando, we have the resources and tools to be able to provide this service to you exactly to your needs. Just tell us which space you need clearing and we will be able to come and completely prepare it for you to go and make use of. 

Foliage Removal 

In a wild piece of land, it is not uncommon to find foliage growing the entire way across it. Between shrubs, bushes, ferns, and all of the dead ones beneath that, it can become a thick tangle that is impossible to do anything with. But our team will be able to make light work of even the densest growth, using our professional tools. We’ll cut back at all of the matter and make sure all of the roots come with it, to make sure that your newly cleared land never gets covered over again. 

Tree and Stump Removal

Of course, being the most expert team of arborists in Orlando, we know exactly what it takes to get rid of trees safely, quickly, and effectively. So, when it comes to our land clearing service, that will be absolutely no difference. We’ll fell any trees that are getting in your way and make sure that they are safely taken away. And, we can even take away any thick roots that have been growing, if it is clear that they are going to interfere with your plans. 

Land Preparation 

After all of the growth has been fully taken away, you are likely going to have a large space of chopped-up land, which isn’t going to be much use for your project. That is why we always follow up with proper land preparation. Using earthmoving vehicles, we will be able to dig up any rough surfaces and leave everything behind even and flat. Simply tell us how you need your land being set and we would be happy to do so. That way, you’ll much better be able to make use of the terrain and deliver a successful construction task. 

Rock and Rubble Removal

One of the most difficult things that you might have to deal with during construction is rocks and rubble getting in the way. Whether you need to lay foundations or put up a new perimeter fence, they obstruct your work and can be a serious hindrance. But we’ll make sure that is nothing you have to worry about and we’ll take care of the full removal of every single one of these, using our earthmoving equipment if we need to. Each one will be taken far away from the site and the spaces filled in and leveled, for you to take advantage of.