Tree Removal

Should I Remove Trees?

Removing a tree takes skill and experience to do it right. It requires the proper techniques using the correct tools if the job is going to be done safely and effectively. For that reason, you are going to want to make sure that you have the services of your best local team of professionals when you need tree removal. But luckily for you, you have already found that in us, at Tree Removal Orlando. The number one team of arborists in the city of Orlando, you can count on us for the highest quality tree removal service whenever you need it. So, if you know you need one cutting down, give us a call and we would be glad to come and do it for you. 

General Tree Removal 

Our team can cut down any type of tree that you need. That is because we can apply the most appropriate technique to your specific tree, from our many proven methods. Whether you need a young cypress cutting down or a towering oak being removed, we can help you to do so in the safest method. Wherever possible, we will try and cut a tree down in one go. However, when we are working with a large tree, we are happy to scale up to the canopy and cut it down piece by piece. 

Palm Tree Removal 

Additionally, our experienced team can offer our specialist palm tree removal service. Palm trees can be fully removed when handled using the proper techniques and can be left behind with no tree stump and certainly no viable roots. Not every team of arborists can offer this service but thanks to the skill and expertise of our team, we are more than able to offer it to all of our clients. So, if you have an old palm tree that you would like to get rid of, give us a call and we would be happy to take care of it. 

Sapling Relocation 

When you have to get rid of a young tree, it can be a shame. However, if it is only the placement of the tree that is causing you an issue, then you may like to have it replanted somewhere else. Our team completely understands this and we are proud to say that we have just the service to help. We can offer to relocate your sapling to a new location and have it planted in a space that is going to allow it to continue growing into adulthood. 

Log Cutting 

If you have a log on your property or even a fallen tree, you may want to find a way to better make use of it. By allowing our team to offer you our log cutting service, we can help you do exactly that. One of the members of our team will be able to come to your property and chop your logs into more manageable pieces, which you can make use of in any way that you would like.


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